Amie-Grand Resin Statue

Availability: Very Rare

Estimated Value: $450+

Retail Value: 17800 yen (~162 USD)

Release Date: Nov 2001

Manufacturer: Amie-Grand

Height: ~28cm


This is the holy grail of any Kenshin OVA fan.

This statue started off as a Resin Kit released by Amie-Grand in April 2001. Unless you were able to spend hours washing, trimming, pinning, gluing, priming and airbrushing a resin kit, you would have had a very hard time getting the kit to look anything like the pictures. Lucky for us, Amie-Grand released a pre-painted version later that year, which included not only a pre-painted and assembled Kenshin, but also a kick-ass base that recreates the scene when Kenshin is fighting Kiyosato.

Unlucky for us, the statue retailed for a hefty 160 dollars and was released only in Japan . And since it was released in limited amounts in Japan in 2001, it's almost impossible for us foreigners to track one down nowadays. I was so desperate for this statue, I had bought a Thai recast of the resin kit, and planned on assembling my own statue. But I had never assembled a resin model before, and the materials and supplies to do it properly would have cost me a huge amount.

My next option was to buy it from yahoo auctions japan. That would be a very expensive option, as most sellers don't ship outside japan. I'd have to hire someone to bid on the item and ship it to me. And as if the costs of shipping, services, and a taxes weren't bad enough, many of the prices demanded by sellers are ridiculous. I've seen this statue listed from a somewhat reasonable $500, to an insane $1000+. Good thing I never had to go this route. I got lucky, and won an ebay bid from someone in Hawaii for a very reasonable price.

I am very happy with this statue. It's friggin huge! Although it is advertised as 1/6 scale, I think it is closer to 1/5 scale. It depicts Kenshin in a more realistic light than in the OVA, with an increased amount of detail. However, it still holds true to the mood set by the OVA, as the color tones are dark, subdued, and gloomy. Also, the base is amazing! Even though it is resin, the detailing is so nice that it could be mistaken for real wood. This figure is a truly beautiful piece, and is the pride and joy of my collection. My only gripes: For all the detail that went into this statue, the Katana somehow lacks a hamon. And for such a big and heavy figure, it has pretty weak supports. There are metal pins that secure it to the base, but I'm still worried that the feet may end up warping under all the pressure.

Despite any minor flaws, this figure was worth every penny and all the countless hours spent tracking it down. Good luck to any serious collectors looking for this statue: It is a long and difficult challenge, but well worth it!



Drakul – United States
February 14, 2013 - 20:11

I've been looking for this piece since I saw it on your site a year or 2 ago and I've just about given up. I've never seen it anywere.
I think I'm going to have to settle for the 1:6 resin kit that floats on ebay.

Kenshin's Soul – Florida
December 27, 2011 - 22:13

I saw that years ago and I thought it was a bootleg or someone just made it because they wanted a figure. Now, I see it's a very real thing.

It's still interesting to look at. :3

July 28, 2011 - 12:44

Thanks, Dana. It's my pride and joy!
They don't make figures like they used to, now with everything going PVC.

July 27, 2011 - 20:33

Oh my god this figure is gorgeous. You're very lucky to get a hold of it!

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