Tomoe Bust

Availability: Super Rare

Estimated Value: ?

Retail Value: Priceless

Release Date: Never

Manufacturer: ?


This is a Tomoe bust that was sculpted, but somehow never reached production. I found some pictures of the pre-production model, but that is all I've ever come across regarding this bust. All information and pictures were collected from this page:



February 14, 2010 - 19:30

There is a PVC figure of Tomoe produced by Toycom. I have the Kenshin PVC figure from the same line, but not Tomoe. There is a picture of the Tomoe figure on the back of the box though.
I've seen the Tomoe figure on ebay a few times.
Good luck!

Scarred Sword Heart – Kamiya Dojo
February 14, 2010 - 19:16

That's a pretty bust. Too bad it was never produced. Are there any full length figurines of Tomoe? I'd love to get my hands on one!

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