Toycom/Yamato PVC Figure

Availability: Rare

Estimated Value: $80

Retail Price: 2,400 yen (~22 USD)

Release Date: Feb 2002

Manufacturer: Toycom/Yamato

Height: ~17cm


When I found out that there was actually a PVC figure based on the Kenshin OVA, I was overjoyed. That joy was short lived though, when I saw that it was long sold out and very hard to find. I kept looking on ebay until I saw it listed one day. The only problem was that the listing was somewhere in France , and also included a bunch of French Kenshin Manga. Oh well, I was tired of waiting so I sniped the auction and won. I don't remember exactly how much it cost, but it wasn't cheap. The package I got was still sealed, but the box condition wasn't that great. It seems like most of the boxes for these figures are in rough shape now. I've seen a few of there figures appear from time to time on ebay, so this would be fairly attainable for any patient collector.

The figure itself is not too bad for it's time. Although based on the OVA, it's not entirely accurate. They went for a more animated and childish look for Kenshin than depicted in the OVA. The detail from the mold isn't that sharp or well defined. It is also pretty damn small, even though the box it came in was a fair size. Some nice touches: The figure has a single scar as Kenshin did for most of the OVA. There is also a hamon visible on the edge of the Katana.

There are 4 figures in this series: Kenshin, Tomoe, Saito, and Okita. I only have the Kenshin figure. From the pictures I've seen, the face and hair on the Tomoe figure seems inaccurate but the Saito and Okita figures look pretty good.


Mariana – Brasil
November 02, 2014 - 12:36

Hey there! So, I have the Tomoe figure, but I don't think it's THAT innacurate, you know? Maybe her bangs could've been better made, but it's still a nice figure (: I'm going to sell her because I bought the complete set via eBay a few days ago. I still can't believe I found the complete set, it's almost impossible to find it now. Best regards

February 17, 2013 - 05:52

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