Yamato Story Image Figure Series 2

Availability: Common

Estimated Value: $25

Retail Value: ?

Release Date: Dec 2003

Manufacturer: Yamato

Height: ~10cm


These figures are based on the Manga and not the OVA, but depicts the Hitokiri Battousai in a rather stylish manner. These figures come in either mystery boxes or blister packaging. I think the bases are different between the two versions, and there are also alternate color versions where the figures are black or something because they got too lazy to paint them properly.

I am still looking for this series 2 Hitokiri Battousai. The strange sword stance initially put me off getting this, but now I want one so I can compare it to my other figures.



July 07, 2012 - 17:18

This figure is pretty awesome. It looked a bit strange in the pictures, but in person it's very well executed. For the size and price, it's very well detailed and pained, and flows well.

Kenshin's Soul – Florida
December 27, 2011 - 22:07

Battosai Kenshin is extremely hard to find now. You have to keep checking Ebay and other places. I got mine years ago. I got most of them when things are still active.

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