Yamato StoryImageFigure Series 3

Availability: Common as dirt

Estimated Value: $10

Retail Value: ?

Release Date: Dec 2004

Manufacturer: Yamato

Height: ~8 cm


These figures are based on the Manga and not the OVA, but depicts the Hitokiri Battousai in a rather stylish manner. These figures come in either mystery boxes or blister packaging. I think the bases are different between the two versions, and there are also alternate color versions where the figures are black or something because they got too lazy to paint them properly.

The series 3 Hitokiri Battousai shows Kenshin in his battoujutsu stance during his last fight of the Remembrance arc. It is after the fight that Kenshin receives his cross-shaped scar, but I noticed that he already has his cross shaped scar in this figure, so I guess there's some sort of time paradox going on here.

I don't particularly like this figure. The coloring and paint seems off and it's pretty cheaply made. This figure is also very common, and still available at Big Bad Toy Store for $9.99.



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Kenshin's soul – Florida
December 27, 2011 - 22:04

Oh I just read what you wrote....I thought it was Jinchuu arc Kenshin, not Battosai because it's Series 3 with Enishi in it.

Kenshin's Soul – Florida
December 27, 2011 - 22:02

This figure is very rare now. Battosai is even harder to find. I got both plus the first figure. I love all three of them. ^^; Battosai is my favorite of all because of the awesome coloring of his hair and those mean eyes. ♥ Oh, yeah, I have Kenji! :3

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